2,3-Naphthalenedicarboxaldehyde, 98%, Certified, 100mg


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2,3-Naphthalenedicarboxaldehyde, 98%, Certified

Appearance tan crystalline powder  Assay (elemental analysis) [C] 78.73% [H] 4.43%  Assay (TLC) 98.0%  Identity by IR spectrum  Melting point 131-133ºC  Solubility 25mg/ml in chloroform  Suitability suitable for fluorescent determination of serum arginine and for trace amino acid and peptide analysis

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NFPA Hazard Rating Scale

(0=Minimal  1=Slight  2=Moderate  3=Serious  4=Severe)

Health: 2

Flammability: 0   

Reactivity: 0

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