Quinine Sulfate Dihydrate, 99+% (Titration), Powder, 50g


Product Description

Quinine Sulfate Dihydrate, 99+% (Titration), Powder, 50g

For Research & Development
Not for drug, clinical use in humans, for food or food additive use

Certificate of Analysis:
Appearance (Color) White
Appearance (Form) Powder
Identification A, B, C Passes Tests
Specific Rotation -242.10°
Water 4.11%
Residue on Ignition 0.06%
Heavy Metals <0.001% - Passes Test
Assay (anhydrous basis) 99.7%
Chloroform-Alcohol Insoluble Substances 0.04%
Chromatographic Purity Passes Test
Limit of Dihydroquinine Sulfate 4.98%
Residual Solvents (Toluene) None detected
Solubility (5% in 95% Ethanol) Clear, colorless to very faint yellow solution - Passes test

CAS: 6119-70-6

FORMULA: C20H24N2O2 • 0.5H2O4S • H2O